Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lets get to the rat killin'~!~! LETS VOTE FLORIDA!

I'm sharing my vote with you.  This is FLORIDA 2010, midterm election.  

Lets look at the Proposed Constitutional Amendments:
NO. 1 - Repeal of public campaign financing requirement.
Nope, nope, nope...  I don' think so.  This would repeal a provision in the Constitution that requires public financing of campaigns for statewide candidates who agree to spending limits.
The state voted for an approved public campaign finance amendment in 1998. To reduce costs and make campaigns  affordable for more potential candidates. But, lawmakers have raised spending limits considerably.
If the amendment is approved, fewer candidates might seek office and special interests could have more impact than they have now. Legislature should be focused on reducing spending limits.  I'm voting NO.

NO.2 - Homestead ad valorem tax credit for deployed military personnel.
Hey, dude, it seems right!  But you really have to think this one over for yourself.  This gives military personnel who are under deployment a year prior re: property taxes.  Where ever they go deployed by the government.  You just have to remember this; maybe there already are already too many homestead exemptions available to special categories of residents. Adding more would shift some of the local tax burden from military personnel to teachers, firefighters, police and everyone else. That may seem patriotic, but it’s unfair.  Especially in this economy folks...perhaps our good thoughts should begin in our own kitchen cubbards and bank accounts?   I'm voting NO.  

NO. 4 - Referenda required for adoption and amendment of local government comprehensive land use plans.

Well friends and voters... here's another fine argument for allowing developers, unscrupulous, corrupt and greedy to run amuck .. amuck!  I'm seeing this as an opportunity to make a conscious choice for the Earth Mother and her Florida fractal.  Environmentally speaking, this 'referenda' .... this is YES vote for quality of life and resource preservation in our state.  How many local and state officials have been charged criminally for monetary corruption via land developers?   This amendment is all about restricting and containing the ability of our politicians to push new zoning into place for campaign donations.  You follow ?   I'm voting  YES YES YES~!  

NO. 5 - Standards for legislature to follow in legislative redistricting!
Yeah, baby.   You know what?  No one party or person should have the 'deck' stacked (in favor of them only).  This is a change item!  It requires state legislative districts not be drawn in favor of an incumbent or particular political party or in any kind of denial of racial minorities from an equal opportunity to vote.  We are the new south... right?  Contiguous and general use existent city, county and geographical boundaries... should be fair and reflective.   This amendment stifles gerrymandering district lines to favor incumbents or political persuasions.   Hey!  Our district-ing is a mega mess.  This reduces the quality of our law making choices drastically~!  Lets change this old bullshit.  This belongs in the state Constitiution!  I'm voting YES.  That would be a huge, bigtime, have a drink on me YES YES YES!  

NO. 6 - Standards for legislature to follow in congressional redistricting.
This is a big DITTO to NO. 5 with the distinction of drawing lines for congressional districts rather thank state House and Senate line.  And it distinctly relative to my own district; gerrymandered by Alcee Hastings' that goes from Miramar to Ft. Pierce.   I'm voting a ditto-ed YES YES YES here, just putting an olive in the martini.  

NO. 8 - Revision of the class size requirements for public schools.
In 2002 FL state approved of a class size amendment.  Caps have been gradual.  Here is a proposal for increase of permissible class size in providing for flexibility ... including average numbers of students to teachers.   It permits districts some flexibility on student / teacher ratios.   It's been a $16 billion project for the state.  (doesn't lottery cover this stuff?)  Staying under the current requirements would require billions more in funding that we apparently don't enjoy from lottery sales and have none.  Done none.  And we are undermanned in qualified teachers.   This is an important issue.  Future education is in question .. the quality of it for our children.   This amendment will not negate the previous amendment, it will just allow for shifting during such hellacious economic downturns... or you know .. the current recession so deep deep deep?   It's just a fix for the existing amendment.   It's a YES vote for me.  

Now; there is the question of:
Balancing the Federal Budget (referendum)
My first response to this is bullshit, bullshit, and buckets more bullshit provided by the courtesy of the American Chamber of Commerce.   Just read it!  Here, let me give you hand...
"In order to stop the uncontrolled growth of our national debt and prevent excessive borrowing by the Federal Government, which threatens our economy and national security, should the United States Constitution be amended to require a balanced federal budget without raising taxes?"   When exactly did Mitch McConnell and John Boehner get into Tallahassee?  Fer cripes sakes!  Here's your Rubio crowd waiting in the wings for their marching cue on vote day.   This is more anti progressive, anti liberal, anti Democrat, anti Obama bullshit... approximately 10lbs of it in a 1lb teabag.  You follow?  That's a FUCK NO!~ vote by this kitty cat.   And the local League of Women Voters agree with me.  

Requiring a county code of ETHICS, independent ethics commission and independent inspector general:
Are you effn' kidding me, man?  Ok, they call it "scandal plagued Palm Beach County" and this seems to masthead many counties in the state (or country for that matter), yet I'm thinking this is a twist at Mayor Lois Frankel .... isn't it?  And if you research the whole magilla here you are going to discover 'conservative Republican Rovian agenda laden' folks crawling all over this IG and the office of "inspector general" from Lake Worth Police.  Her name is Sheryl G. Steckler and you really don't have to know that much about her once you research who is the support and overview of the 'office of inspector general' and the "Ethics Commission" (talk about your fundamental ironies!) for PB county.  Do your homework!  Four county commissioners during the past four years resigned from office to face criminal charges for misuse of office and I think this Ethics Commission is more to see that folks are not 'caught up' then it is about preventing unethical fiscal behavior.  All of the board of this Ethics Commission reads as the primary fund raiser list for conservative candidates, especially Republican and if needs be, Tea bagger.   This is a personal vote of NO fucking way

Ok ... so who's your buddy?  Who's you pal?   The Candidates and the Offices they are trying to take.  

United States Senator:  I'm voting for Charlie Crist!  
Marco Rubio is an asshatt teabagger.  Not too eloquent, but adequate in explaining 'why'.
Rep. Kendrick Meek, pay to play politician... he refuses to explain himself... so we are left with simple evidence.  No go there. 
Representative for District 23: I've abstained my vote.  None there I feel are good enough including old pal Alcee Hastings.  Bad showing.
Governor and Lt. Gov.:  I'm voting for Gov - Alex Sink!  Well done!!  Lt. Gov - Rod Smith.
Attorney General: Dan Gelber.  The least sketchy of the lot.
CFO: Loranne Ausley.  Least sketchy of the lot.
Commissioner of Agriculture: Thad Hamilton - hands down the most qualified and experienced and less conservative than the rest of the crew here.  
County Court Judge /group 7 - Laurie Cohen because when in doubt, you have to go intellectual over tits and ass.  Honestly, there isn't too much information on Laurie.  But Marni Bryson is a definite fluffanutter.  
Commissioner District #2 - The man is Christopher McVoy.  Committed, sincere and smart. 

There are several Judges / circut, district and supreme to look up and decide on.  Do the homework~! 


Anonymous said...

Geez - thanks Gwen!
I think I'll just print this out and bring it with me when I go vote....

So glad we agree on so many things!!


Four Dinners said...

From the perspective of someone who is now banned from MMA I had better say nothing.

Apparently it is safer that way.

4D x

Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

Hey, TLH... glad to of been of service! LOL

4D.... what?!? banned? No. surely not. Can't possibly be, dude! You ain't banned here. :-)