Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Audacity of Collusion vs The Audacity of the Truth.

Here's a word for a lady in Mississippi, Linda St. Martin.  She addresses Haley Barbour, Gov.   Asking to be heard even while she's avoided with pseudo-polite entreaties to take a seat, she presses further to demand that the Gov. appoint conservationists and fisher-persons to the group.  Every appointee / volunteer on the group is being overseen with BP collusion.  Please listen to her:
Somebody is paying attention among Democrats in Gulfport.  Ms. St. Martin is advocating for the fishing families and to address the creeping death she and her frightened neighbors are watching overtake their coastline and wetlands.   She is presenting the death of an economy, a way of life and the abundant nature they have traditionally made their living within.   She is also putting the reality in the government face; the death of estuaries, wetlands, the bathos of the Gulf of Mexico

[Martin, a Gulfport native, has been organizing community meetings, working with the Mississippi chapter of the Sierra club and speaking out on issues relating to the April 20 Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.
She told the Jackson Free Press today that she did not like having to yell at the governor, but she was frustrated by his response to the oil spill.
"I hated having to do that," she said. "You don't know how distasteful that was to me. ... But, there is not a single shrimper or workboat person on that entire 34-member panel and they are the ones who are going to be the most directly affected." - Lacey McLaughlin]
The Gov does his level best to direct the conversation back to "Katrina recovery" and away from the growing reality of fishing families ... allowing them to fish and laying them open to possible litigation for poisoning. 

Individual residents in the panhandle of FL are finding white powdery substance on the surface of the incoming tides and they are taking it in for analysis ... it's corexit.  It is a poison.  They are doubling down with worry, and who can blame them?  If the White House (in the person of the President), the USCG (in the person of Thad Allen) and NOAA are leafleting out the kind of "bilge" that tells the southeastern United States that  'the oil has disappeared' and 'evaporated' and been otherwise handled by the oh so conscientious folks at BP... well, I'm sure you follow where I'm going here.  Our government and BP do NOT WANT THIS TOPIC BLEEDING AND LEADING.  

There are several blogs dedicated to the ongoing dissemination of any news regarding the disposition of cities along the Gulf Coast.  They include local commentary, observation and the national response which reads in lockstep with British Petroleum.   When the pollsters (from whatever techno darkness they hunker down in) begin to publish low numbers for the White House and the President, it should always be mentioned that his Liberal / grassroots Democratic base in the southeast of the United States is in shock at his lack of response.  Mute or dishonest was not what was expected.   One would wonder why national news does not take the grassroots of the southeast into consideration and expose our outrage.  Like Ms. St. Martin, who steps past the 'handlers' and restraints to address the larger political power before her and asks; "WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO DO RIGHT?"  Metaphorical, but accurate.

A supportive grassroots organization for you to reach out to:
- There are more than one of these "plumes" of the corexit, petroleum and methane mixture roaming the Gulf in bathos (the deep).  Their presence will be revealed quicker than the BP and the White House expect.   Affecting the most basic foundations of the food chains first, fishing enterprises will reflect the depletion of Gulf abundance.  And what they do dredge up will eventually all be poisoned. 
More and more residents along the Gulf coastline, including 5 states, are discovering powdery white substances or mangled marinelife frightening them, on the incoming tides.  For help you can contact many citizen founded groups that will give up support and testing.  One such group is:
Our grassroots movement of concerned citizens is dedicated to ascertaining the true magnitude of health risks associated with exposure to oil and chemical dispersants in the Gulf waters through independent laboratory testing. Our citizen's coalition supports the advocat...ion of the Precautionary Principle when it comes to Environmental Protection.  (you can easily find them on Facebook)
Here is a sampling of their contribution:

Testing The Gulf Water - Citizen's Initiative As we reported in our water sampling tests yesterday through the TESTING THE WATERS citizen's initiative Bob Naman at ACT Labs in Mobile Alabama identified 13 pars per million of the highly toxic (and supposedly banned) 2-butoxylethanol in a water sample taken from Cotton Bayou Alabama (near Orange Beach - and not far ...from the Florida border). We have reason to believe that dispersant operations are still intensely active throughout the Gulf region as an active cover-up of the still extensive release of oil (and oil resurfacing from the immense quantities under water) is very much in progress. We believe that not only is the public being misinformed about the use of dispersants in the now "supposedly" non-producing blown out well (is it well A or well B??), but that there may be destabilization of the methane hydrates within the seabed, as evidenced by Texas A&M's oceanographical discovery of up to 1,000,000 times than higher levels of methane in areas near the blow out. We must press forward to have the waters tested for methane, as well - a topic that is not even being discussed in the mainstream media.

Hey, are you as insulted by the BP propaganda commercials as I am? 

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Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Ms. St. Martin has my enthusiastic admiration! Speaking as a Californian, I have lapsed into a fatalistic position: the BP disaster is a fact of unknown proportions. In 10 years, maybe, we'll be able to assess it. In the meantime, what is to be done about it? What can be done about it? What do you want to do, seize BP like the sign off to the left says? The rest of this third world country has to worry about its own travails, which are considerable.