Monday, October 18, 2010

Early voters....

It's Monday the 18th in the Sunshine State.   What rats is gettin' killed?

It's all rah rah sis boom bah for Marco Rubio ... in polling.  Will that hold?  Is the Tea bagger er, Party serving the feast or are Democrats going to rise to the occasion?  I can't help but think that Independents and many Dems are going to reach out for Gov. Crist in the Senate seat run.  All I can truly say is, that gosh it's not that wimp Harry Reid vs the crazy batshit woman Angle in Nevada!  They say she might actually win!  OMG!  Voting Americans really want this kind of lunacy in their government?  Gee! 

[As early voting gets underway Monday, these and other probing questions were put to two of Florida's best political minds: Republican Brett Doster, who led George W. Bush's successful re-election campaign in Florida in 2004, and Democrat Steve Schale, who was at the helm of President Barack Obama's victory here in 2008.]  Miami Herald
Our local economy is off anywhere between 25 to 40% ... how can this bode well for any incumbents?  You have to wonder.   Still, [Customers who used to ring up a $45 tab now stop at one pizza and a two liter soda, said owner Robert Behzadi. The single father of two now works seven days a week.
Behzadi says he doesn't always vote -- but will pick Republicans this time because when the GOP were in charge ``the economy was good.'']   Yes, well, mr. republicans make the economy good... on the backs of Democratic policies and legislature.  And what did that Republican economy get you?  Near fiscal collapse... the rhetoric has found it's bullseye.  And Obama's middle of the road stand with Rethugs is boomeranging. 
I'm feeling extraordinarily hornswaggled.  By my Democrat leadership.  And so is a significant number of us.  Big assed phoney baloney money in middle classed Boca Raton are voting for the like of batshit crazy Alan West, who openly advocates armed rebellion over voting!   Tells you where the mentality of public is.  Faux News central.  It's an OMfG story up and down the block!  

So take a peek at this:
In Boynton Beach, city manager Kurt Bressner has noticed an uptick in domestic violence calls and shut offs for not paying utility bills. Delinquencies on utlity bills has roughly quadrupled the past two years to about $1.8 million -- both a reflection of non-payment and vacant properties. 
I can go further, down the street from me a huge power cable is strung across the road through the evening and in the morning.... I'm encouraged to notice a sense of community where neighbors are extending some help to one another~!

Cesar DaCosta, 54, struggled in English to explain his disagreement with Republican Senate candidate Marco Rubio over legislation that would grant citizenship to the children of illegal immigrants who are in college or the military.
``The Republicans say no to everything,'' said DaCosta, a Democrat, after loading six-packs of Malta soft drinks into his trunk. ``The students who come here at five years old or seven years old, the kids, are not the problem.''
Also loading groceries was Nelson Alvarez, a 37-year-old computer technician who said he is leaning toward Rubio because ``he's more on the level than some of those tea party guys.'' Alvarez, a Republican, voted for Obama for president.
``It's one of those things you wish you could do over,'' he said. ``I don't think he's to blame for everything, but the things on his agenda have never come up.''  - Miami Herald
In a nutshell... friends and neighbors... this is it all over the country. 
As this plays out you have to notice, only the larger races or the more crazy folks running races are being covered.  I don't even see any state wide news on Alan Grayson.  What's up with that?  Is he leading or loosing?  [``It's the battle over who is less likable,'' said Sutton, a Republican. ``It's a turnoff when you have to wade through all the mud.''
Sutton was especially indignant about an ad aired by Democratic congressman Alan Grayson that selectively used remarks by Republican Daniel Webster to suggest that he thinks women should be subservient to men. With the GOP to take over Congress, Grayson is among the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents.
``That should amount to political suicide to throw stuff around like that,'' Sutton said.]  Evidently Mr. Sutton has the genius mark of Republican double standards in check.  Geesh.  This needs no smartassed commentary from me.... let alone the fact that Alan Grayson is using drama to  expose the actual attitude and ethic of his opponent.  Mr. Sutton obviously likes his women subservient?  Mr. Sutton is more interested in Article 4 on the ballot, which intends to stop run away over development and allow the community a say in plans for any development.  Not much assured for profit there ... is there?   Corporate voting.... not so much for me.  How about you?
Whats' extraordinarily crazy is that Republicans who were led to make a choice for Obama in the last big election feel just as cheated as the Democrats and are going to vote the 'party line' even though they are scared that Rick Scott is probably dishonest.  How do label that one in the dumb or dumber category?  I'm confused.  
The overall problem in the state of Florida, President Obama has let the people down and the vote in 2010 will reflect it.  They will pick stupid over substantial solutions because the fear card is trumping the intelligence card.  And those who crossed the isle to vote Democratic are the most upset and urging others to vote a straight Republican ticket
and this being Florida
they are pretty much doing it.  The truth is
it ain't over til the fat lady sings.  
I'll post when I know.... lol.


Anonymous said...

And why would the public vote smart? Since we've been cutting education funds out of every budget and the media spoon feeding opinions, the dumb are going to vote for the very people that are "keeping 'em down". Wasn't that the plan? You'd almost think so....

We don't need to worry about outside threats to our national security any longer - we're growing stupid at home faster than our "outside enemies" could have ever hoped to imagine.


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Anonymous - you're right on.
Terrific post.

BBC said...

Your vote counts...

So does everyone else's, idiots and the self serving included, that needs to be corrected in the future.

We can’t fucking fix FUBAR !! These idiots don’t even know how to build a proper government because they all want too much, like a bunch of fucking kids. It will just have to fail and a new experiment can be tried on the ashes. I wonder what a new America will look like, or if it will even be called America, maybe some of the states will decide to recede and form their own new country, I would not disapprove of that.

You are missed (by me) on the Yank side of town..

America is the Yank side of town?

That's so damn accurate that it's amusing. But in reality I think that it was them that copied some of our fucked up political system, the dumb bastards.

Said with all due respect to 4 Dinners of course cuz I like the dumb bastard. :-)

Four Dinners said...

Florida wonders and Britain is dying.

There yer go babe x