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Holocaust deniers and a true Mark Twain in the Gulf of Mexico

It's an aquatic holocaust.  The Deep is done in, in the Gulf of Mexico.  As the oily, methane infused and corexit puttied droplets by the zillions swirl across the ocean floors, not all of it is caught in the sea bottom.  What does not remain in the Deep is going to seep into the aquifers of Gulf coast states and attempt to foul the fresh water base.  It's the UNnatural conclusion.  Me, I'm up at night grieving the bottlenose dolphins of Barataria Bay.  I keep seeing them expressing breath through blowholes stained with crude oil and corexit... the BP toxicity murdering marine life every second of every day. I can't sleep for explosion of whale flesh in the midst of oil glutted white caps, the carcases too big and too heavy to scoop up for the 'waste disposal' facilities waiting without public scrutiny back on shore in Louisiana as our United States Coast Guard oversees the whole atrocity.

On a warm and muggy day, Obama pledged to "keep up our efforts until the environment is cleaned, polluters are held accountable, businesses and communities are made whole, and the people of the Gulf Coast are back on their feet."  President Barack Obama declared Gulf Coast beaches clean, safe and open for business Saturday as he brought his family to the Florida Panhandle and promised residents that the government wouldn't forget them once efforts to stop the leak are finished.  HuffPo -  This IS AN OUTRIGHT LIE BY A POLITICIAN who is colluding with British Petroleum.   

You already know that BP is trying to hide the amount of oil which has leaked into the Gulf in order to reduce the amount of fines it has to pay under the Clean Water Act (see this and this).
Similarly, BP is also trying to secretly dispose of endangered animals killed by the spill in order reduce its fines under the Endangered Species Act.
Linda Hooper-Bui, Louisiana State University Department of Entomology Associate Professor, writes in The Scientist, “My PhD student’s ant samples were taken away by a US Fish and Wildlife officer at a publicly accessible state Wildlife Management Area because our project hadn’t been approved by Incident Command.”   Who is the 'incident command'?  It's the USCG under the direction of BfuckingP ... BP!   She shares another similar experience, “Where our research trip was halted after driving more than 150 miles to a study site. On the way to our sampling sites in Grand Isle, LA, [we] were turned away by a sheriff’s deputy blocking the road who said that he was told to allow no one who wasn’t associated with BP or NRDA.” The NRDA (National Resource Damage Assessment) process “is overseen by state, tribal and federal science agencies and is partially funded by BP.”] 

Another point is, no independent water testing is being done.  Gulf coastline states are in harms way, at great risk.  Our aquifers, our marine wildlife and the ongoing toxicity of our shorelines are being left to rot by the Obama White House.   Most of us are aware, by now, of the fish kills up on the northeastern shorelines of the United States.  It's not about crude oil, it's about the levels of oxygen in the sea because the sea waters are over heating.  I've heard and read the term hospice wilderness in describing the badly ruined seas and shorelines of our Gulf.    It's accurate.   I am a Floridian.  I've grown up in Florida and on Caribbean seas and in the Gulf of Mexico.  I love my home, I am shocked that the President is allowing this cover up and ignorance of an ongoing environmental crisis. 
He's taken this non-stance on climate and global warming issues, too.  All in all, President Obama has left the LEFT out in the cold.

"Despite an ever-expanding estimate of the volume of the spill, relatively little oil washes ashore at first, and only a small portion ever will. Instead, trapped in the deep, the oil fouls the ocean's twilight and dark zones: the mesopelagic and the bathypelagic (bathos: deep). After April 20, the dumbwaiter rising through the waters of the Gulf of Mexico will be ascending an ocean fouled with a toxic broth of oil, methane, chemical dispersants, and drilling mud. The relatively small amounts of oil washing ashore, and the relief felt when the surface oil began to dissipate, hardly account for the devastation being wrought in the dark world beyond our sight."  
An eco-writer for MoJo [Mother Jones], Julia Whitty has new book on the shelf last month: " DEEP BLUE HOME : An Intimate Ecology of Our Wild Ocean"

The lady knows what of she speaks.  She's spent many hours at sea and now rides the oily waves pitching on top of the Gulf of Mexico.   Ms. Whitty is one of many emerging sources that ask us to stop, look and listen... BP has the collusion of the Obama administration and the USCG (in the persona of "retired" Admiral Thad Allen) helping them to cover up and thereby escape fiscal and moral responsibility for this eco-holocaust.  Even Fox News is reporting that BP is removing dead marine life from the beaches.  From local reporting:  Jerry Cope and Charles Hambleton report:
The numbers of birds, fish, turtles, and mammals killed by the use of Corexit will never be known as the evidence strongly suggests that BP worked with the Coast Guard, the Department of Homeland Security, the FAA, private security contractors, and local law enforcement, all of which cooperated to conceal the operations disposing of the animals from the media and the public.The majority of the disposal operations were carried out under cover of darkness. The areas along the beaches and coastal Islands where the dead animals were collected were closed off by the U.S. Coast Guard. On shore, private contractors and local law enforcement officials kept off limits the areas where the remains of the dead animals were dumped, mainly at the Magnolia Springs landfill by Waste Management where armed guards controlled access. The nearby weigh station where the Waste Management trucks passed through with their cargoes was also restricted by at least one sheriff’s deputies in a patrol car, 24/7.
Robyn Hill, who was Beach Ambassador for the City of Gulf Shores until she became so ill she collapsed on the job one morning, was at a residential condominium property adjacent to the Gulf Shores beach when she smelled an overwhelming stench. She went to see where the odor was coming from and witnessed two contract workers dumping plastic bags full of dead birds and fish in a residential Waste Management dumpster, which was then protected by a security guard. Within five minutes, a Waste Management collection truck emptied the contents and the guard departed.  Federal laws makes BP liable for up to $50,000 per dead animal on the endangered species list, such as a Kemp’s Ridley turtle.[It’s not just the Kemp’s Ridley. Sperm whales and hawksbill turtles are also endangered animals living in the Gulf.So are Brown pelicans, which have been hit hard by the oil spill.In fact, the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service lists 29 endangered species in the Gulf which could be harmed by the spill.
Here is the link to a great BTR show that listening to will enlighten and give you greater tools to take what ever actions you are able on a grassroots level: Shared Sacrifices
Here is a link to a grassroots organization working to ensure independent water testing in the Gulf of Mexico and the region: Testing The Water

To top it all off, BP has been cheating on all facets of the 'clean up'.   [In Pascagoula, Mississippi, a county sheriff alleges that an incident involving an oil spill cleanup supervisor accused of raping a colleague could have been prevented if basic background checks had been used in hiring the workers, CNN reports.]  A supervisor raped his worker ...  a known sex offender.  The only oversight BP is giving to any of the many facets of 'clean up' are in bribery.  It's like; hey?  So a sex offender was hired.  Not our problem.  
This is the measure of commitment from our politicians and BP... the Mark Twain of the Gulf.
Can you feel me?  The are responsible for the spoilage of the sea, the wetlands and People.  And they simply don't care.  They don't feel any real press to be ultimately responsible.  That is our governments' fault.  BP feels entitled.  Didn't Heyward make that plain enough? 
This morning while I drank my cup of coffee, I read the 'sheets' of the internet.  I learned this:

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No one is so powerful that they can stop the march of time...
And so it is happening – that which was predicated, foretold by those with commonsense - those who were living through the horror known as the Deep Water Horizon Disaster. The oil was spewing forth and the government and BP were trying to hide the amount by dispersing it with COREXIT.

You cannot pour on, spray onto or disperse the oil without creating an even bigger ecological disaster.

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I take your point! Ty for stopping by to share it. :-)

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