Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ides of March...AWAKE THE STATE

How this world on fire thing going for you?  
I think it's pretty fantastic, and I think it's damn dangerous and also a bit of the ancient seer's grand old program... the middle east is heated but it's not anything like anyone ever thought!~  And you'd think that the emblem of such upside down eventualities would open up on the eyes of the rest of the worlds' despots and tyrants... but no, the Republicans are still as deaf, dumb and blind to the People, as ever. 
Here in Florida, the sun is still aloft and the ocean breezes still come ashore... that's about all that is well.

Be Advised Floridians: 
Awake The State is scheduled for March 8th in several communities.  Please go to the website to become a part of the solution to Republican-ism in the Sunshine State!  While even NPR has advertised this event as only Tallahassee began as a Tea Party event, this info is all false.  The event is multi-community invested and the Koch Bros... are paying for bussed in Teabaggers to disrupt the core event.  Awake The State is a series of local rallies taking place throughout Florida on March 8th opposing budget cuts Floridians simply can't afford.  These budget cuts are the first steps in privatization of government jobs / programs.  More graft for our corporate whoring Governor.  Ya folla? 
Sen. Marco Rubio is planning to try to insert a measure in the forthcoming budget resolution that would bar the EPA from implementing water pollution rules that business groups in Florida oppose.  The move, certain to draw criticism from environmentalists, mirrors an effort by U.S. Rep. Tom Rooney, R-Tequesta. The rules are the product of contentious legal battle in Florida in which the EPA agreed to set new limits on how much nutrient pollution is allowed into waterways. Critics say the regulations will be too costly. Even Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson has worked to get the EPA to hold off.   According to David Guest of Earthjustice, the law firm that successfully pursued the lawsuit against the EPA, congressional action cannot undo the new pollution rules.
Since the rules are already in place "that means people have to comply with it," he said. To argue otherwise "is like saying the Clean Water Act doesn't apply south of the Georgia line."  (read all)
Of course Mr. Rubio has the backing of that fellow in Tallahassee who claims now to BE THE LAW... Gov. Scott, still the fellow is not as bold as Walker, huh?  (A small mercy for Floridians).  
From FL Daily Kos: The story of how Rethug Gov. Scott is trying to shut down the state wide crack down on "pill mills".  Could it be his nefarious connections to drug dealing through the back door of his last job?  The one he was indicted for and paid the largest fine to Medicade in history for ?
New to this story?  In short, bogus "doctors" practicing out of "pain clinics" throughout the state of Florida prescribe more powerful addictive prescription meds than the other 49 states combined, contributing to a skyrocketing rate of overdose within the state, and a flood of illegally-obtained drugs like OxyContin, Percoset, Vicodin, etc, up the "flamingo express" to other states up and down the Eastern seaboard, with devasting consequences particularly in Appalachian regions of Kentucky, Tennessee and West Virginia.
If it weren't for all of the other instances of Republican overreach in states like Wisconsin and Ohio, along with Scott's own headline-grabbing rejection of federal high-speed rail dollars, I believe this story would otherwise be getting more attention in the national media. (read more)

Get on out there and AWAKE THE STATE.  We are want to show our support for a nation wide struggle against the corporate whoring of politicians (most Republican - but not all!) along side the rest of our ken:

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