Sunday, January 23, 2011

The lie of political COMPROMISE.

Really… the Bush Tax Cuts?  Did you buy into that?  If you did, pull your head out of your ass!

More deregulation is on the White House state of mind.  While HCR is on repeal legally in six states (including FL), growing the economy through the old GOP remedy in planet destroying deregulation of such “energy independence making” industries as oil drilling, coal mining and natural gas fracking processes are on the re-election agenda for this right of center President.  His ‘grassroots’ campaign to be elected was one of the most brilliant political tent shows’ in modern history…  all of his Yes We Can’s were merely a means to an end to herd those drained and dispossessed by the Bush-Cheney catastrophe into the voting booth again while youth genuinely clung to the promises of Hope and Change.   Tune into the Sunday morning rhetoric of Joe Lieberman to understand the completeness of betrayal to the original “grassroots” contingency who elected Obama to the White House and then drearily sat out the last election.   Your Social Security is on the table… and ‘blue dogs’ (you know, the ones with their collective head up their ass?) who claim to be progressive, pooh poohing the notion that Obama won’t give up Social Security any more than he would Medicaid need to take a long look… Obama gave up Medicaid / Medicare with the gush of insular corporate medical insurance industry profits to be had through the HCR bill.  [The truth on that is that is whether it is repealed or put into effect, HCR bill on either side makes huge money for medical insurance companies and pharma industry.  Take a peek at the rising insurance rates!]   The GOP move to “repeal” HCR is a political saber rattling exercise to keep a ‘base’ of ignorant, white, mainly Christian racist trash from screaming that the Rethugs aren’t doing enough to get Obama out of the White House.  Tea Party or no, the nickels and dimes from those poor, dwindling middle class fear mongers account for 35% of GOP platform election funds. Something lacking since the tenure of Michael Steele.  Wonder why?   Keep in mind, too, that this is first time that Obama has had respectable "poll" numbers across the board with both Republicans and Democrats in collective response to his speech in Tucson.   As numbers go, this is a fluke… one the President who wants to be re-elected is anxious to keep trending.  If anyone thinks that these numbers have anything to do with ‘compromise’ among the Republicans…  the results will wilt quick enough to genuinely reflect what People are worried about: true leadership… for instance __ loosing their homes, seeing the 'new homeless' with their children on the streets of large and small towns or cities....farms failing from crop manipulations for over 60 years!  Have you watched the rising prices of groceries?  It's not the fuel costs as it is the lost resources and the gov fix is Monsanto.  The Gulf of Mexico has lost vitality in over 76% of bathos and that has shifted the patterns of the Gulf Stream thereby shifting weather patterns thereby creating greater need for fuel in western EU thereby... do you see where I'm going here?  It's not just Faux News lying to you.... Obama is lying to you.  Congress, those who know, those who suspect, those who are complicit, they are lying to us and to the world.  No, I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I've just employed common sense as I've watched the state of the world.  Fuck the State of the Union.  The globe is screaming HELP.  
Can I get a YES WE CAN?   
The Congressional argument that JOBS JOBS JOBS are the way to win the nation… the President appoints the ex CEO of GE, a corporate hack whose reputation for centralizing and perfecting the outsourcing of jobs to third world industrial profit making destinations defies belief. 
Is America fucking stupid? 
Not stupid actually; afraid. 
AFRAID, and all trained up to be!   Corporate media disallows the truth; it uses information on a 24/7 cycle to push an agenda of consumerism, conformity to one flavor or another that is subsidized by them and to hear exactly what they want to be heard.  To keep the numbers fluctuating and people against one another.  I point to the non conforming integrity for truth represented by Keith Olbermann and his exit the very instant GE succumbed to Comcast.  Rachel Maddow has been blue dogging for the White House for the last three months.  One hopes that this is just a passing dalliance?
Take a look around.   The planet Earth is in a state of decomposition.  The natural elements, the voice of the planet, are screaming at us!   Still, corporate profiteering takes precedence over any other consideration, most especially human or animal life.  That’s the cost of Judeo-Christian-Islamic monotheist “belief” structures… placing the significance of the Self into an outside ‘power’, a one eyed sky goblin who condemns and roasts’ your everlasting soul with this resolute war leadership mentality.  This kind of sociology … crowd control has been working well for the upper tier of profiting western society … a small pack of alpha personalities, in an often persterpies hierarchy for all of 'published' history.  

-Search out credible media in social networks, linked blogs & rebuke mainstream lies.
-Develop our conversations...  social networks provide us with the tools for gathering and forming or finding like minded groups to share resources and invite demonstration: boycotting
email campaigns to leadership.
-Support peaceful dissent.
-Reach out across borders!
-Take whatever environmental action you are capable of.
-Stand up for your ideals and say what you think, who you support and why, peacefully.

Instead of just pounding out keys and bitching about how it's going or not, taking some responsibility by taking what actions we might according to our own specific ethics and values is called for. 
There is hope and there is change.  
It just hasn't been where we expected it.  
And that can be an adventure... exciting!  
We are capable of creating a healthy planet.  Or choosing not murder one another.  
Imagine that.  Right?

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