Wednesday, July 14, 2010

do the damn right thing! when?

Mr. Landry is pure American. Ms. Baez, so long ago, brought attention to the downtrodden masses with her guitar, successfully. Three days ago, Mr. Landry mimic-ed her methodology successfully in front of several politicians whom he graciously accounted for as 'caring'. But do they? Does the White House really care, either? BP is still running the show in the Gulf.... clean up? What exactly is the clean up? BP is hiring contracting services that will work at cut rates. Piling sand over large spates of beach to cover up the oil gluts on the shore line... so fucking stupid! As the tide comes and goes it reveals so clearly how the layer of sand cover up and height that BP took it to.

Hundreds of workers in the Gulf Coast cleaning up BP’s oil disaster have reported symptoms of nausea, vomiting, nose bleeds, and headaches, but those “almost all have been heat related,” according to Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor for OSHA Jordan Barab.

Republican corruption and corporate handiness rules: The natural instinct to “do something!” when in danger has run up against the cold hand of reality. Bobby Jindal thought he had this great idea to spend countless amounts of money – all of which he funneled to a wealthy campaign contributor – on building sand berms to stop the oil in the Gulf from reaching the Louisiana coast. Scientists told Jindal the initiative could harm more than it helped, but he didn’t care, using the lack of an Army Corps of Engineers sign-off to his political advantage. The federal government gave in, and allowed Jindal to go ahead with the sand berms. And they washed out. Firedoglake

Charlie Crist is using the oil spill to strategize his campaign against the machine of wingnutter Rubio: I suspect the goal of painting Rubio as a radical played a role in Crist using his gubernatorial power to call a special legislative session to put a constitutional ban on offshore drilling on the November ballot. Due to the BP oil disaster, support for offshore drilling has collapsed in Florida, shoving Rubio’s pro-drilling stance far outside the mainstream. Sticking the measure on the ballot will keep the issue front and center until the election.

Now, batshit crazy moron's (opps, that's morans!) are accusing the President of using the oil spill to 'push a new energy bill' through the legislature. Fuck... ya know, if this oil spill and it's disastrous effects do not spur, galvanize this country to take a major step into an OIL FREE America... then we are truly captured by stupidity, manipulative fear based morals and point me towards Bimini. Michelle Bachman has capitalized on the oil spill in shoving out more moronic themes of leadership than than Truman Capote ever rolled syllables.

Upper Floridan aquifers are being slowly polluted by Gulf of Mexico waters. Soon there will be crude oil stains in the Okeechobee. It's so intolerable. And there is this video, since removed by BP buying it up from the network: BP employee whistle blowing

And here in FL, NOAA researchers are accused of hording spill demographic information. Yeah, well, they do / are its against the law. I realize we are choking on this steady diet of fear, disinformation, inequity INEQUITY!, spoilage, pollution, corruption, corporate crimes, yet we have to wait for the commissions and government to speak. Not like we can storm the castle with our pitchforks and hammerhandles. We vote in those who are supposed to be doing that. If any point finds any clarity in all of this ... it's be careful who you support and vote for. I feel chumped myself right about now for all the work I've done in the last two years for the Democrats.

NEW ORLEANS (Associated Press) - The plan to start choking off oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico was suddenly halted as government officials and BP said further analysis must be done Wednesday before critical tests could proceed.

No explanation was given for the decision, and no date was set for when testing would begin on the new, tighter-fitting cap BP installed on the blown-out well Monday.

In the meantime, oil continued spewing into the Gulf. AND YOU JUST WANT TO SCREAM!

A hopeful avenue opened up less than a month after the spill: I have assembled a team of the top law firms in the country whose combined experience, knowledge and proven success are available to assist you if you have been impacted by the BP oil spill. Please contact my colleagues at Levin Papantonio at 1-888-435-7001 to discuss your situation or email my law partner, Kevin Madonna, at / Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s website gives you options if you are Gulf resident ... Gods.... slouches in our direction ... and I am grieved awful.

And what the hell is UP with Al Gore? The best he can do for any kind of leadership on this is to NOTHING? I even googled his name with gulf oil spill and not a goddamn thing rolled up until a page of links later.

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