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BP Cover Ups - Sand Everywhere & the Boiling Surf.

  This is an older vid of the sand dumping in LA in Grand Isle.  In a shocking interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper on June 29th, Allegiance Capitol Corporation V.P. Fred McCallister said that BP is deliberately sinking oil with the toxic chemical disbursant [sic] Corexit, to hide the size of the oil spill. By sinking the oil before it can be collected, BP won't have to pay fines on it.
McCallister said, "Everybody in Europe, where the standard practice is to raise the oil and collect it, is scratching their heads, and quite honestly laughing at what's happening in the Gulf." He added, "Everyone is looking at us and wondering why we're allowing this to happen."  The Examiner
This is one of my suspicions confirmed. Using dispersant never seemed to make sense to me. I could see using it near the well, where it would clear the water and improve visibility, but using it elsewhere just made no sense to me. It's not like dispersant makes the oil "go away."
And this isn't the only way BP is trying to cover up the damage and hide the oil. They seem to be trying (and thankfully, failing) to literally bury the story under tons of sand.

The sheer magnitude of spoilage, poisoning, murder of wildlife, the assurance of cancer causing pollution seeping into our state aquifers, the ongoing spew... though there is a cap, there is still leakage and it all asks each of us southerners the quiet, solitary question; how can we sit still for it?  How could any of us apologize for our government past or present?  They have allowed this to persist with corporate criminals in charge of the whole incident and resulting needs for accountability and clean up.  As if BP can find a proper solution!  How can any who hope for a family legacy, for children and grandchildren, how can anyone on the entire planet sit in passive silence day by day without erupting with the screaming inner terror and anger?  How can you?  If you can excuse the profiteering that corrupts the well being of our country, our personal health, our character and moral / ethical goodness... if can excuse any of it... shame on you. 

How can BP or the USCG even hope to hide the hugeness of this with sand dumping ... which can only last a few weeks at best... a strategy that sends untold numbers of summer beach goers to the emergency rooms (as it is right now on west coast FL beaches?)  BP seems to be thinking 'out of sight out of mind' and our government is back this play?  How fucked up is this?  From Barack Obama's White House?   Bad shit, man.  It's as if the cutting corners policy in profiteering standard at BP that is responsible for this ecocatastrophe is the strategy for 'clean up' efforts and our government is standing along side either twisting their hands in procrastinating delusion or complete collusion.  Fuck.  The President has lost my vote if any decent replacement steps up to the occasion.  Done.  
Those who would stand aside from this and pooh pooh the event, are complicit as goddamn fools. 

[The following excerpt from a blog by the  BPoilslick blog]
1. The beaches look great because there was a massive clean-up that took place all night the night before with heavy equipment on the beaches. Lighting was set up and dozers worked all night to cover up the oil on the beach in sensitive turtle hatching areas.

2. They worked almost up to concert time to keep the touristas unaware of the oil that is just under the fresh sand brought it to cover it.

3. Just down the beach in West Gulf Shores, (out of range of your send button) this is what the beach looked like.

4. People were in the water because the politicos said it was o/k. Not one MD has signed off on such statements. Governors are screaming come on down the water is fine... NOT.
We are calling it the Jaws syndrome. "We can't close our beaches during tourist season... Someone must die before we loose money!"

5. It matters not if there are large mats of oil on the beach, the dispersant mixes the toxins in the water column making it very difficult to see but it is there. The water has a pinkish hue to it and the surf foam is reddish brown.

6. Since the 4th weekend, there have been many complaints registered at local clinics with rashes, respiratory, and eye burning complaints. The mainstream media is not covering that. (no, I will not research the info for you and post links, no time, do it yourself)

7. Of course you are seeing and hearing the for profit media saying it is safe... The oil and coal industries are the highest paying customers they have. I can see where you would want to believe them but you really are blind if CNN or Fox are your sources.

Here is the real story...
A child's play bucket with seawater taken from the Gulf just 5 minutes before this photo was taken. There is oil in the water but the parent said he could not see it while in the surf.

The dumpsters full of contaminated sand was well out of sight of tourists.

Just a short boat ride across the bay on Dauphin Island these signs are posted but not on public beaches where tourists are, down on the West end where it was fairly deserted. I am not sure how they can claim the water on one side of the bay is contaminated and the other not.

I bought a new pair of tennis shoes on 06,06, 10. I wore them to Mexico then back to the beach. No problems until the week of 07/04. Weather kept us from flying so I worked the on beach for a while. On 07/07/ when I got in the truck and kicked the Bon Secour sand off of my shoes, I found gaping holes in the shoes. The tops were letting go from the soles and the rubber was soft as if being dissolved.

 You believe the oil advertisers who say it is safe. I will continue to tell folks to come and bear witness to this disaster but STAY OUT OF THE WATER!

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