Saturday, June 12, 2010

Why Crist?

I'm a liberal commie pinko extreme Greenie kinda gal.  I worked my ass off for President Obama while my bff, the famous TLH, worked as his FL teleprompter.   I still hold a hope that the fellow who penned "The Audacity of Hope" will return to the day, to the stage... fill the oval office.  I mean, it's been hell.  Like dissing Labor?  Geesh.   Here's another point: for months, after doing the due diligence on Kendrick Meek, I've been against him as the Democratic candidate.  I actively blogged and worked in the DCCC office local to say NO TO MEEK.  He has a great deal to answer for, take a gander at the Miami Herald's series of articles "Poverty Peddlers" that reveals Meek and his mom to be play for pay politico's out of corrupt Miami.  So now my homestate is in the midst of a senatorial race without mud flaps and even much much worse: 
The Gulf Oil Spill traveling traveling traveling down through the seasgras Dry Tortugas up alone the eastcoastline of the 'Treasure / Gold Coast' onto our shorelines.  Gov. Crist is making choice for us in this looming crisis as he handles all of the presiding issues....

In the midst of all of this, running for the senate seat for our state he stays his own course:
Gov. Charlie Crist rejected a controversial abortion bill Friday, using his veto pen to repudiate the conservative Republicans who elected him and championed the legislation as ``the most significant pro-life measure in Florida's history.''    Read more:
Mr. Crist did not allow the dispicable law being enforced within the 'bible belt' state of Oaklahoma to be cast over the Palmetto State (FL).  His veto sends a message to independent women voters that speaks volumes on the ageless issue of whom has ultimate say over the sanctity of a physical body.   He get's my "arrgh matey!" on this veto.
``This bill places an inappropriate burden on women seeking to terminate pregnancy,'' Crist wrote in his veto message, saying he put his personal ``pro-life'' views aside in making the decision. ``Personal views should not result in laws that unwisely expand the role of government and coerce people to obtain medical tests or procedures that are not medically necessary,'' he said.
Gov. Crist reminds me of my uncle, Rep. Frank J. Horton of 34th District of NY from  63 - 97, the man who penned the Environmental Protection Act!   Not all Republicans are in politics to make money and enjoy power pushing.  There are those who are aching to make positive contributions.  
[``All pro-choice women of this state will be supporting Kendrick Meek,'' said Barbara DeVane, a lobbyist for the National Organization of Women. ``He's not a Charlie-come-lately.'' ]  Ms. DeVane exposes the fundamental problem with politics today in a two party system... because Meek is a Democrat, he should get the vote.  Even the laudable and effective Representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz from south FL has put her support behind Meek, but only in that 'party dispensing' formula.  You don't see her stomping for him ala statewide with enthusiastic aplomb.  I would think it's because Ms. Wasserman-Schultz is an intelligent politician with a personal integrity .... yet, then again, she is playing 'party line' in supporting him.  What went with her integrity?   
[Crist's action marks the third veto of a high-priority bill passed by the GOP-controlled Legislature. Earlier, Crist rejected campaign finance legislation he said would reinstate lawmaker ``slush funds'' and vetoed a controversial teacher merit pay bill known as SB6. Overall, Crist vetoed 17 bills and struck a number of spending provisions from the state budget.]


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