Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Could the Gulf go boom? Where lies responsibility, since those who SHOULD will NOT?

[Operation TOP KILL of filling the hole with "mud" has been declared a success Tuesday at 11:40am  Wed review by the White House, sans President, was highly irresponsible and continues a pattern of ecological abuse and environmental spoilage rubber stamped by the Republican administrations.  As of this neglect of the most important issue I consider for supporting a politician, Obama has lost my vote, my support.]

There is a lot of talk about due diligence lately.   
It's all over the there's that need for duly diligent.  
When I read commentary and blogs for the opinion of like minds, don't we expect 'vetting' to be at least cursory well done?  No lying perpetrated.  
It's up to me, on this blog, to do it for myself and I do my best.  All of that said, I think we need to pay some specific attention to the words and how an idea or fact is contextually used. 
Is it wishful or is it factual?  

To think that it's over is perhaps, natural?  Why not wish it away?  The White House has.  It's easier. 
Gregg Hall and the Coastal Warriors are keeping video vigils.   They know better.  They're right on top of it.  And it matters that they remain duly diligent.  They ain't making it up.  Neither is the Hurricane Creekeeper over at BPSlick. His videos are brought to the table to expose reality.    Michael at Hands Across the Sand is keeping vigil too.  Skepticism is still clinging to the shorelines as the government washes away. 

Something uppermost on my Floridian mind?  The aquifers of my state, as well as those Gulf states surrounding us, are going to be tainted with the mix of crude, methane and corexit dispersant.   Sooner or later, all the marine life, the crops and soil of my state and it's oceanic territories will be tainted and despoiled by this "oil spill".  That's the empirical short end of it....No "authority" has released any data correlating amount of crude mixed with methane and corexit left in the Gulf to already (neglected or denied) effects of it.  There are effects beginning to appear.  The shellfish are infested with it.  The oyster beds are saturated.  The wetlands are seeped through with it, to determine the extend of their violation will take some time.  To not begin is a crime, one the government is committing every day a schedule is not hoisted and the specialized marine scientists are not working overtime to accumulate the data through samples and cataloging. 

Four separate methane gas leaks / bubbles seeping out of the ocean floor / are around the Deepwater Horizon capped well.   [The most disturbing element of deep water oil extraction is always going to be the unknowns that are ignored in favor of ambitions for getting and selling oil. The biggest unknowns include the pressures and physical challenges of installing, maintaining and operating equipment in places that have never been accessed and which cannot be accessed by humans. It is all just educated guesswork combined with human decision making and judgment that has been demonstrably unacceptable, given the risks of greater disaster than the BP oil spill has caused. If a company that had all but one of over 700 egregious safety violations can continue to operate in even more controversial deep water extractions, than it will be no wonder if another major disaster happens.] - Reuters 7/19/10 
So the question is, what is really going on the ocean floor?

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And the nagging question that swims around the situation.... what about the methane still escaping the ocean floor surrounding the capped well?

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