Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fresh Repast! The Soma Center & CityPlace for Protest!

LAKE WORTHORGANICS Just about every blog entry for so long has been captured by the ongoing eco-crisis in the Gulf of Mexico... but you have to take care of your body and soothe your soul.  Downtown on Lake Ave. you can discover your fill for both at The Soma Center: a Raw & Vegan Cafe' / Yoga Studio (and there is the Simply Shanti Boutique beside it!).   Boost your immunity and de-stress, The Soma Center offers more than meals... discover the "Yoga by Donation" program!  The cafe' menu will invite you back again and again, conscious choices for eating healthy assure it.  In fact, setting your consciousness is all a part of Soma's anchor in our community.   A wellness lifestyle encouraged and presented: the Soma Center has several events, classes and seminars.  Music, local artisans and really good food.   Did I mention the dancing?  There's dancing!!!  Cultural excursions and indigenous art.  So popular in our downtown district that they have opened up another Soma Center on Clematis St in downtown West Palm Beach.  No excuses for not eating and living healthier when The Soma Center so conviently placed in our community!  
Contact: 609 Lake Ave, Lake Worth  PH: 561.296.9949
300 Clematis St, West Palm Beach  PH: 561.429.5509

So !!!  Did you know that the ACLU has had CityPlace in court for the last year?  Do you want to know why?  And what has come of it?  

{Do you have an issue close to your heart, but don't want to go anywhere scary to protest it? Do you define "scary" as any place without valet parking? Then have we got news for you! For the low, low fee of permanent yuppie status, you too can now protest on the streets and sidewalks of CityPlace!

After kicking out an artist (who had the audacity to set up an easel) and a woman whose t-shirt decried puppy mills, downtown West Palm's glorified outdoor mall announced yesterday that it would relax its protest rules to end a lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union. Just don't even try it under 
 storefront awnings, people. Kapish?} New Times article here

Figuring out the Governor's race! If you can...
In a standard, two party race, the Republican is running in front of the Democratic candidate by mere 2 % points.  The largest vote is currently going to the "I don't know" candidate.   Republican Bill McCullum is a career politician offering more of the same old Republican shit, recycled.   An old, tired Rethug politico. No changes and probably an eventual platform for big oil and offshore drilling... HE's A REPUBLICAN~!  McCullum has run for everything forever... he offers us no new solutions.  Yet folks who are questioned and answered that the sate is heading in a bad direction... 6 out of 10 will vote for him.  Dumb and stupid don't learn.   As Attorney General he has held governance over and ignored the corruption and fiscal malfesience of the state's Republican Party.  In a state where Glen Beck book sales are topping the nation (gad! doesn't it make you want to gag?) "bubba dumb" is enjoying a minor heyday.   Considering the BP Gulf spill and the subsequent despoiling of our shorelines, oceans, reef, seagrass beds and angling industry... it will take a sincere experience in solutions / problem solving!   
The only candidate that is offering that kind of integrity and known quantity is Alex Sink
Alex Sink is the new blood.  Her North Carolina roots lend her the sincere accent and her business sense gives her a grasp of how to successfully organize, delegate and follow through on the issues and in implementing new state policies.   She as a proven record as FL's CFO.  Even if she does tend to demonstrate "Blue Dog" politics, she offers solutions vs sell outs and further spoilage of our home. 

On the other hand is Bill McCullum: a total wingnut!  The lowdown on Mr. McCullum is best explained as total waste of time in the Reid Report blog:
{Bill McCollum is Florida’s attorney general, and he wants to be the state’s next governor. So why is he wasting his time, and the state’s time, joining fellow wingnut A.G.s in threatening fruitless lawsuits over healthcare reform instead of doing his job? It’s not like McCollum hasn’t got anything to do, between the veritable criminal enterprise his party is running here in the sunshine state, with Republican lawmakers padding their lifestyles with donor money and then hiding the evidence, the soon-to-be-revived “leadership” slush funds (cue the grand juries!) … and the endless parade of corrupt public officials being taken down by the feds, and occasionally, by the always late to the party state attorneys. The only thing, in fact, that McCollum has paid attention to during his tenure, or at least pretended to on television, is cyber crime. That’s it. That’s his legacy. Commercials saying Bill McCollum cares about cyber crime. The rest of McCollum’s time is spent sniping over federal legislation he has nothing to do with anymore, because, and this is important, Bill, he isn’t in Congress anymore.
And this guy is ahead in the polls? Forget what’s the matter with Kansas. What the hell is the matter with Florida?
UPDATE: Changes to the vote procedure means that as of today, there’s no “deem and pass” to sue over in the healthcare vote. What to do, what to do, what to do …}

You'd think we could get a majority clue!   Vote for Alex... !  

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You are an ignorant fool. But I am sure you are much happier being ignorant than having to face reality. Alex Sink is a typical politician who has no plan, other than to follow the typical liberal playbook and try to redistribute wealth and make government bigger.