Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Facebook Revolutionaries - online eco-activists!

If you don't network using Facebook, this post should give you an idea of how you can network with like minded folks in the community reaching out to make a positive difference in this crisis.  If you are one of the kindred who, in swift  growth, are accessing Facebook to network events and ideas to combat the Gulf Oil Spill Crisis, then you know all about the Facebook Revolutionaries. because you have become one!   The ones I keep my eye on are in Florida.  Yet the contributions to revolt come from all over the world. 
You can find a Boycott BP page and the wonderful group Dave created called Hands Across The Sand.  Both are eco-active in this crisis.  Just search Facebook for the pages concerned with the Gulf Oil Spill crisis and come up with loads of site / pages where you might contribute to a small MISS. coastal town to helping the community at large in a specific town in any one of four states.  As the west coast of Florida becomes saturated with this crude black death rolling in on each wave, the more important it becomes to take a stand, support those community groups working to resolve this situation in the temporary as it comes upon us.... and to keep connected to other like minded folks who are seeking a solution.  I know.... what fracken' solution can there be?  One: we need to keep a voice strong to our community leaders in making BP responsible to get the funds into the proper accounts so we will not have to struggle all the more in initiating "clean up" ....!!!!  That's a vital message to keep visible and heard in our communities.   Here are a few Facebook pages to interact with!
Make It Public - a demand to know just how much is leaking per day!
Pensacola: Here it is.   The threat of a hurricane and 70 to 135 million gallons of crude oil floating in the Gulf of Mexico (that's just this week's total).  Will a hurricane dilute the oil and speed its breakdown? Or would it pollute bays and the surrounding land and cause health problems for area residents?
The bottom line: No one really knows.
"This is a very, very complex problem with multiple dimensions," said W. Ross Ellington, chairman of the Oil Spill Academic Task Force at Florida State University.
Unsure of the level of health risks and the ultimately added destruction of the crude oil in the wind and rain... Floridians are left in the storm-path without any real precautionary remedies nor even the idea of what is to come.   This opens up the question of questionable Florida insurance coverages and who will ultimately take care of these bills?   I said there was something very 'slick' in how BP ponied up the $20 billion so swiftly.  Though they exclaim no 'cap' on damages or loss of income... there are those who have awaited 21 years since the Exxon Valdez incident.  And there is no comparison to the ongoing damage in the Gulf.  Who satisfies the ongoing generational needs to the environment?  Our government leaders have been real soft on climate policy and clean energy solutions.   From this President, it's a major disappointment.  (to say the least) Are they aware of the damage that will be done to the whole state of Florida in this crisis?  An impending hurricane?  I don't think so.  Call the White House!  Let them know!  Call your Reps, the Senators.  Bitching is about all that can be done.  
Meanwhile on the west coast folks are loosing their tempers with not just BP but the what they experience as the inefficiency of the Obama Administration.   Skimmers are lined up in the Gulf on standby at day 71 ... NOT being utilized yet.  State and local budgets are paying for what BP is supposed to be (according to their fucking PR commercials) expediting payment for.  No BP money has come as far east as Florida while the oil hits our beaches in growing volume.  
Another major problem: the dispersant STILL being used regularly as the oil keeps gushing is called "Corexit". Its mega toxic.  Swimming in the gulf or the ocean where the oil has reached, or is approaching should absolutely NOT be permitted.We are learning just how toxic this chemical is and how badly we need to be using the proper protection by anyone helping in clean-up efforts.
And here's another stick to stir the waters:
“The Coast Guard Friday “redoubled” efforts to keep the Deepwater Horizon oil spill from impacting Gulf states by calling in more skimming boats and equipment from the Netherlands, Norway, France, and Spain after previously telling one Dutch official “Thanks, but no thanks,” to an offer of help.
That revelation comes as Florida lawmakers beg for more skimmers to ward off Gulf spill oil approaching the state’s white sand beaches and as the Unified Command – led by Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen – struggles with chain-of-command issues as BP changes its on-scene leadership.
The news of more foreign ships steaming toward the Gulf also comes amid a heated political debate over the role of the 1920 Jones Act, a protectionist law that prohibits foreign-flagged boats and crews from doing port-to-port duty within 3 miles of the US coast.
On Friday, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R) of Texas filed legislation to waive the Jones Act to welcome more high-tech foreign clean-up boats, saying the Jones Act is standing in the way. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said last week “that we have not had [a] problem” with the Jones Act. At the same time, US marine interests complain that up to 1,500 US-flagged skimmers sit idle, and should be used first.”
To waive or not to waive? The Obama Administration seems more focused on getting around laws than complying with them, but it might be good to get those skimmers.
Has anyone noticed how much this has become just POLITICS? An ECO-CRISIS?  It's shameful and shattering the lives of millions of  southeastern Americans.   Moreover, it is streaming through the Gulf and winding its' way down through the Dry Tortugas and into eastern Caribbean waters along the "Treasure Coast" of Florida.   My home.  I keep myself focused on what possible positive actions I can take, especially any kind of ECO-ACTIVISM.  That's all any of us can do ... 
until election day

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