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So you're thinking if the title is true, Gwen is blogging about the Republican fiasco in FL for the Senate seat that's up for grabs... and you would have a point.  But it's not the point you think.   
Snuggled up here against a boarder to a "Conch Republic" along the Gold and Treasure Coast  shorelines we are about to engage in a nationally quixotic political Republican electorial dynamic complete with Club for Growth GOP phenom Marco Rubio VS the often thought of 'moderate' Republican Gov. Charlie Crist.  What is left on the sidelines is the Democratic candidate, Rep. Kendrick Meek, son to past FL State Rep and official 'heritage woman of Florida' Carrie Meek.  I am here buttressed between our West Palm Beach core of 9-12-er Beckites and the radio  studio in downtown West Palm Beach of the likes of (...yuck, photoey ...'toouey ...) El Rushbo. 
The story down this o way is about Rubio vs Crist.  The latest comes from the Gov's office decrying another Rubio news smear that he (Charlie Crist) will be running as an Independent VS a Republican candidate Rubio because Rubio has hoisted him from the Republican party platform.  NEWSflash: Gov. Crist (basically says) bullshit.  It doesn't matter that Beckites, Rushbo simpletons and frightened FL GOP hierarchy are rank and filing beneath Rubio with his Tea Party election rhetoric... the Gov is staying true to his 'authentic' Republican ethics and values.  He's a Republican Governor running a Republican campaign though he is dropping miserably in the polls local (state wide) against Rubio.  Rubio's mudflaps are working for him.  Rubio's claim that Crist is going to run as an Independent are gaining mudflat ground in the exposition of Crist's plans to call the state Legislature into special session this summer to overhaul the state ethics laws .... something the local Republican leadership has avoided (always does always do).   All of this to highlight the recent blemish of spending by Rubio's campaign this year, the ethicacy of Rubio's funding has put that agenda onto the field, even if he's quickly washing the mud away with Tea Party rhetoric twist / turn the issue political fear strategy.   Rubio is collecting large $ while Crist is trailing.... ain't it nasty what ethical governing and values will do to your war chest in the FL Republican Party? 
Gov Crist vetoed an elections bill he was expected to sign by fellow Republicans.  Add his seeming reluctance to back the teacher tenure bill pushed by Jeb Bush / formidable FL repub... couple it to the ethics complaints into Republican state authority, well, you have a dicey strategy design for party backing!   Crist is risking state Repub backing ... which would cancel him out as Republican Senate candidate.   The Gov has until the end of the month to make up his mind and dance a wingnut tune or get into the race via Independence.

Then you have the Democratic candidate, Meek.  He's bootstrapping it (ala FL DCC), more or less.  As a Democratic Party member  I've been tasked with putting forth the effort to have candidate Meek elected... phone calls, stomping... whatever is needed.  Here's that point I am going to make about the whole FL (going newsy national) Senatorial race...

I can not in good conscious, support or work to elect Rep. Kendrick Meek for the Senate seat.  (Not that he might have a snowballs' chance... well, you see where I'm going there...)
Kendrick Meek, on the surface (& probably at heart) all the best bona fides you could ask for.  Take a look:

In my due diligence on Mr. Meek I discovered that he has been caught up in old time Dade County 'pay to play' politics and has not come forward with his complicity (whether by just association through his Mom or because he has been counseled to ignore it for political solvency) yet he has not taken any responsibility for the District 9 / Liberty City fiscal troubles I've blogged about [here be monsters - FL political blog] previously.  So too, he has not offered any empirical / evidentiary for his complicity in the Miami - Dade Empowerment Trust ongoing abuse and depletion scandal.  There is the awfully troubling nature of his involvement in proposed bio-tech park in District 9 with Boston scam artist developer Stackhouse. 

Here's the other problem I have.  If you have clicked the links and take a hard look at the events and evidence regarding Rep Kendrick Meek's involvement in 'play for pay' and Miami corruption ala District 9 - Liberty City... then you might understand why I am taking this stance ... it's Mr. Meek's integrity that is bothering me.   Yet; I realize he was badly advised, probably a victim of political compromise that he did not understand involved corrupt fiscal / business dealings with the community... but as this information has unfolded, he has not come clean to start over.  Which I could accept.  His absence of responsibility in it leaves me searching for another candidate.  While respect and support Rep Debbie Wasserman - Schultz, I think she towing the party line and probable that she might have the same reservations, she knows that this kind of compromising makes for stronger party politics overall.  Well, I challenge that one too.  As written recently in HuffPo and witnessed by a whole nation, making 'due' without diligence (like supporting non supportive Blue Dog Dems) just doesn't pay political hardcash.  It just depletes your ethics and values in the long run. 

I can't give my vote to Rep Kendrick Meek
Nor can I give my vote to anyone or any party that does not hold the same ethics and values that I do politically...
I probably won't be voting for the Senatorial candidate. 
This ain't Massachusetts ~!

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