Saturday, March 13, 2010

A message from Osun's Village:

I am pleased to share with you an opportunity to host a screening of the 70 min film, "The Lady from Osogbo."   The film chronicles the efforts of the Austrian Artist, Activist and Yoruba High Priestess Susanne Wenger, who spent 50 + years in Osogbo, Nigeria fighting the Government and Developers to preserve an Ancient Sacred Grove with rare herbs and plants. She established the Sacred Artist Movement also called the Osogbo School of Art, which has exhibited globally, yet this will be a first for Miami.
Susanne Wenger's daughters will be in town visiting from Nigeria, March 14th-30th in support of our Osun's Village and African Caribbean Cultural Arts Corridor Artists Exchange. They are available for question and answer sessions after the 70 min documentary screening, book signings as well as demonstrations of their sacred art and ancient indigo textile dying techniques.
Ironically, Harlan and I like Susanne Wenger are having parallel experiences, as we fight "THE SYSTEM!" Both Osun initiatives in Osogbo Nigeria as well as Miami, are demonstrating the significance the arts and culture play in stimulating our local inner city economies, while creating: cultural pride and training opportunities that eventually lead to jobs in the Cultural Arts and Tourism industries.
The Lady of Osogbo, highlights the legendary Susanne Wenger and Oshun, who is celebrated by Miami's multicultural communities, and is the inspiration for the Osun's Village concept, here in Miami.
What a wonderful opportunity to close Women's History Month! Please share your ideas with me as to how in this short time frame, we can create an opportunity to showcase these cultural treasures with the greater community who have an appreciation for indigenous art and customs.
I await your feedback...
Community Builders Holistic Development Corp. a 501 c-3 Org.
The Osun's Village and African, Caribbean Cultural Arts Corridor
5601 NW 7th Avenue
Miami, FL


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