Friday, January 15, 2010

Another round of corruption...again with Michelle Spence-Jones

On Wed. January 13th the news in the Miami Herald was of the overwhelming victory in a special election for Michelle Spence-Jones... the City Commissioner who has been charged with corruption and graft over finances in Miami's abused District 5.  It was a very low voter turn out, and the word is apathy  ... she says, "...the people do not care about that"...  But the law does.  [Defiant as she basked in victory before supporters at her Liberty City headquarters, the two-term District 5 commissioner said her easy victory showed that constituents still believed in her. She easily separated from a field of eight others in an election with a dismally low turnout.] Miami Herald   And Gov. Crist, true to his word, has ousted her once again.  Spence-Jones has filed a law suit against the Gov. to overrule his actions. 

[Spence-Jones attorney Dennis Bedard filed an additional motion Thursday. It's a motion some legal experts -- who are split on Crist's decision or how the courts will ultimately rule -- say is the strongest part of his argument.
``She cannot be suspended for conduct before she took office,'' said Bedard.
Spence-Jones was first elected to the Miami commission in 2005 with the backing of then-Mayor Manny Diaz's powerful political machine.
Before that victory, she had served on the mayor's staff as an events coordinator. While in office, she pushed for more affordable housing and has pressed for improvements along Third and Seventh avenues.
But she became the third consecutive elected commissioner from the district to be charged with a felony, cases that have hampered long-term attempts to revive the city's most impoverished community.]  Miami Herald

The tragedy here is not about voters loosing any gain of a qualified, dedicated Commissioner... the tragedy is in the voters being bamboozled by an opportunist politico and grafter.  It's a personal opinion, backed up by legal charges.  Eh? 


Anonymous said...

the Banana Republic strikes once again!!!! how many notches in their political belt of "WTF?" does it need?


Gwendolyn H. Barry said...

ain't that the truth, baby! this merc direct w/ solar eclipse is pounding me! you???

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