Saturday, December 12, 2009

Eye on Miami: FL Hometown Democracy's Amendment 4: the rest of undeveloped FL wilds

Florida Hometown Democracy's Amendment 4: A battle for the remains of Florida. Guest Blog By weRwatching

Stung by negative public opinion, over-development, a housing industry in shambles, environmental degradation and lost quality of life, the growth machine (developers, chambers, big farmers and insurance) is trying to keep their favorite son position by any means possible. High on their list is defeat of Florida Hometown Democracy's Amendment 4; the coming ballot issue that would require a public vote on land-use changes to master plans.

Unable to stop the citizen’s petition from getting on the 2010 ballot, they have resorted to a tried and true mechanism to make growth management impotent; lobby the legislators. Weakening growth laws now would take the sting out of Florida Hometown Democracy. A recent article in the Orlando Sentinel sounds the alarm that the vultures are swarming.

It’s not too early to contact your state legislators and tell them you want more growth management, not less, and that you oppose the changes pushed by the industry.
Read the article above and pass it to everyone in Florida. This is going to be a battle for the soul of the State.

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